Attention all Ground and Surface Water Irrigation Users

15/03/2024/by Jo Fern

ESAI Committee meets with Minister Patterson

19/02/2024/by Jo Fern

First two Integrated Farm Planning workshops completed

06/02/2024/by Jo Fern

ESAI Newsletter April 2023

18/01/2024/by Jo Fern

ESAI Newsletter Jan 2022

18/01/2024/by Jo Fern

ESAI Newsletter July 2023

18/01/2024/by Jo Fern

Newsletter Dec 2023

18/01/2024/by Jo Fern

ESAI Newsletter June 2022

18/01/2024/by Jo Fern

ESAI Newsletter April 2022

12/01/2024/by Jo Fern

2023, It’s a wrap! A look back on this year’s achievements.

20/12/2023/by Jo Fern

Three Years of Work Celebrated

20/09/2023/by Jo Fern

ESAI featured on Country Calendar Epsiode

13/09/2023/by Jo Fern

Award winners and a change at the top for ESAI!!

17/08/2023/by Jo Fern

Tom Hilston-TerraCare Contracting

28/07/2023/by Jo Fern

A Successful Finish to the Tinaku Project

06/07/2023/by Jo Fern

Growing Your Farming Destiny Event a great night!!

02/06/2023/by Jo Fern

ESAI Support Southbridge School Bioblitz

25/05/2023/by Jo Fern

Be in to Win a $250 Hunting & Fishing Voucher!!

18/04/2023/by Jo Fern

Consultants Deliver Water Quality Report

18/04/2023/by Jo Fern

New Funding = New Project-Enhancing Ellesmere

13/04/2023/by Jo Fern

Exciting Upcoming Event-Growing Your Farming Destiny

06/04/2023/by Jo Fern

Open Farms: A great opportunity to learn more about farming in Canterbury

22/03/2023/by Jo Fern

Success for Trap Library

25/01/2023/by Jo Fern

Great feedback from Ellesmere A&P Show

04/01/2023/by Jo Fern

Restoration Projects on Track

04/01/2023/by Jo Fern

Everything to Gain Event 15th Dec 2022

04/01/2023/by Jo Fern

ESAI inspired by National Catchment Forum

26/10/2022/by Coen Lammers

Prizes to be won in colouring competition

07/10/2022/by Coen Lammers

Keen interest for intensive winter grazing workshop

07/10/2022/by Coen Lammers

Trap library launched to help reduce pests in the Ellesmere

23/09/2022/by Coen Lammers

Soil Health Workshop shares invaluable knowledge

16/09/2022/by Coen Lammers

Plenty of workshops on the horizon

07/09/2022/by Coen Lammers

ESAI continues to support education programmes

07/09/2022/by Coen Lammers

Autumn and winter planting completed

07/09/2022/by Coen Lammers

How to become ESAI member

07/09/2022/by Coen Lammers

Ellesmere farmers celebrate success at AGM

29/07/2022/by Coen Lammers

ESAI work featured on RNZ’s Country Life

25/07/2022/by Coen Lammers

Farmers relieved after Fresh Water Farm Plan seminar

28/06/2022/by Coen Lammers

Restoration projects show off biodiversity initiatives 

02/06/2022/by Coen Lammers

Chainsaw courses huge hit with Gateway students and farmers 

06/04/2022/by Coen Lammers

Community hears about Jollies Brook to Rakaia Lagoon project

01/04/2022/by Coen Lammers

Leeston students learn about environment at Irwell River mouth

31/03/2022/by Coen Lammers

Workshop addresses new regulations around GHG emissions

30/03/2022/by Coen Lammers

Big plans for Tinaku autumn planting

09/03/2022/by Coen Lammers

ESAI hosting GHG workshop

09/03/2022/by Coen Lammers

Study confirms benefits of passage way to ocean

24/02/2022/by Coen Lammers

Chainsaw courses for Ellesmere locals

18/02/2022/by Coen Lammers

ESAI provides essential skills to Ellesmere community

20/01/2022/by Coen Lammers

Crusaders coach tackles well-being with Ellesmere farmers

15/01/2022/by Coen Lammers

ESAI supercharges replanting project on organic farm

16/12/2021/by Coen Lammers

Join us for a night out with Razor

16/12/2021/by Coen Lammers

ESAI proud to support Ellesmere College Gateway students

26/11/2021/by Coen Lammers

Tinaku planting thrives in spring time

23/11/2021/by Coen Lammers

Project Tinaku creates ‘life-changing’ career pathways

09/11/2021/by Coen Lammers

ESAI members complete Growsafe course

08/11/2021/by Coen Lammers

Cultural workshops delayed due to Covid restrictions

27/10/2021/by Coen Lammers

New passage to Rakaia and ocean investigated

19/10/2021/by Coen Lammers

Southbridge students bring biodiversity lessons into practice

05/10/2021/by Coen Lammers

Introducing May Coe, ESAI newest committee member

01/10/2021/by Coen Lammers

ESAI offers multitude of courses

28/09/2021/by Coen Lammers

Valuable and Rewarding Day for Tamariki

24/09/2021/by Coen Lammers

Newsletter September 2021

22/09/2021/by Coen Lammers

Minutes from ESAI Annual General Meeting 2021

10/09/2021/by Coen Lammers

Gold Award tops stunning year from ESAI

06/08/2021/by Coen Lammers

ESAI reflects on big leaps during AGM

23/07/2021/by Coen Lammers

Irwell River updates

15/07/2021/by Coen Lammers

Taumutu workshop: Ruahikahikatanga

25/06/2021/by Coen Lammers

Governance group visits Wai Ora Nursery

23/06/2021/by Coen Lammers

Boggy Creek updates

21/06/2021/by Coen Lammers

Raywell Farm Stream

21/06/2021/by Coen Lammers

Regular committee meetings and AGMs

20/06/2021/by Coen Lammers

Jollies Brook updates

16/06/2021/by Coen Lammers

Newsletter April 2021

14/06/2021/by Coen Lammers


04/06/2021/by Coen Lammers

Policy meetings with central Government

25/06/2020/by Coen Lammers

Te Waihora wetland and riparian planting

21/06/2020/by Coen Lammers

Newsletter April 2020

11/06/2020/by Coen Lammers

Newsletter Summer 2019

14/12/2019/by Coen Lammers

NPS for Freshwater Management

16/10/2019/by Coen Lammers

ESAI 10 years on and where to next?

25/06/2019/by Coen Lammers

ESAI presentation to MPI in 2019

16/06/2019/by Coen Lammers

Future Farming Workshop with Dr Christine Jones

25/06/2018/by Coen Lammers

Newsletter Winter 2017

14/07/2017/by Coen Lammers

Future Farming Workshop with Nicole Masters

28/06/2017/by Coen Lammers

Shed Talk with Mananui Ramsden

25/06/2017/by Coen Lammers

Newsletter Autumn 2017

14/04/2017/by Coen Lammers

Information evening at Lakeside Soldiers Hall

22/06/2016/by Coen Lammers

Newsletter Summer 2016

14/06/2016/by Coen Lammers

ESAI Mandeville presentation

16/03/2016/by Coen Lammers

Newsletter Winter 2015

14/06/2015/by Coen Lammers

Newsletter Spring 2014

31/05/2014/by Coen Lammers
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