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Restoration Projects on Track

The spring planting projects are now all completed. The recent rain has meant that the plants are growing nicely, so contractors have been working hard to keep the weeds in check, with most sites having had a round of maintenance in the past month or two.
Since the inception of the project in 2020, Tinaku has created and supported 42 restoration projects involving 28 ESAI farming members.
A total of nearly 40,000 native species have been planted along 11.1km of water ways covering 8.7ha with 8.3km of new fencing being installed.
We are proud of the amazing job the Tinaku Project restoration staff and the farming members have done and their efforts will have a significant impact on the enhancement of the freshwater ecosystems in the Ellesmere area in the future.
Project coordinator Johanna Blakely, is busy planning 12 autumn planting projects, which will be the last with the current Tinaku Project funding through MPI’s Jobs for Nature. However, we are investigating alternative funding streams to enable the plantings on member farms to continue.

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