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Project Tinaku

As kaitiaki of our land and environment, Ellesmere Sustainable Agriculture aims to protect and improve our natural resources, and to encourage and upskill Ellesmere landowners in sustainable land use practices.

Thanks to our funding through Jobs for Nature, the Tinaku Project has carried out 42 restoration projects on 28 farms across the Ellesmere area.

Since the project began back in 2020, nearly 40,000 natives have been planted along 11.1 kilometres of waterways. The 42 restoration projects cover a total area of nearly 9 hectares.

Our farmers have installed over 8 kilometres of new fencing to protect the plantings, in addition to shifting back 2.4 kilometres of fences to widen stream buffers and make more space for native revegetation.

There are another 12 projects planned for the autumn 2023 with the aim of helping local farmers to increase biodiversity and mahinga kai values across the region and to improve in-stream life.

The current funding through MPI’s Jobs for Nature scheme is due to draw to a close in July 2023 but it is hoped that additional funding will be gained to continue with these worthwhile restoration projects throughout the Ellesmere area.

Our aim is to get as many farmers as possible involved in the restoration efforts, with the vision of inspiring them to continue with their own environmental enhancement projects.

Ideally, we hope to see local landowners establish their own stream care groups, modelled on the successful Harts Creek Stream Care Group.

Restoration Projects on Track

The spring planting projects are now all completed. The recent…

Autumn and winter planting completed

All the Autumn/Winter planting projects have now been completed…

Project Tinaku has been working closely with local primary schools to fund and coordinate planting days, as well as supporting Ellesmere College students into agricultural and environmental careers through a partnership with the school’s Gateway Programme.

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Creating rural local employment is a key role of Project Tinaku. So far, the project has created part-time and full time work for more than 30 people on average a month and aims to provide a pathway into jobs in agriculture and horticulture for local people.

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