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New Funding = New Project-Enhancing Ellesmere

We are excited to announce that ESAI have received further funding from MPI for the next 3 years. This funding has been granted to help facilitate ESAI members and other farmers throughout the region develop Integrated Farm Plans (IFP).

What is an Integrated Farm Plan?

An IFP provides a framework of modules that brings together all aspects of a farm business into a whole-farm approach. IFP’s will be modular to allow elements to be added over time to ensure they are adaptive, responsive and progressive. Modules could include:

  • Business planning and finances
  • Animal welfare
  • Biosecurity
  • Employment and staff wellbeing
  • Biodiversity, Mahinga Kai and cultural values
  • Waste & nutrient management

Why are IFP’s being introduced?

Feedback from farmers and growers to the government has shown that the sector is grappling with a growing number of audits, with much time being spent on the compliance reporting required by regional and central government and industry groups. As it stands, many farmers and growers are having to complete multiple audits and reports which can be stressful – as well as taking up valuable time, effort and dollars. The implementation of Integrated Farm Planning aims to reduce the work required by providing evidence and documentation which is suitable to meet all regulatory and industry requirements.

The government recognises that farmers and growers are working hard to improve their environmental and farming practices but overlapping and duplication of compliance auditing is creating frustration and cynicism. IFP’s will provide a practical way to fulfil regulatory obligations and track progress on farm.   IFP’s will hopefully help farmers and growers reduce paperwork and compliance costs, streamline processes, and improve environmental performance, while enhancing their social licence to farm.



The key focus for this new project is going to be building farmers’ confidence and capability to adapt to the multiple changes and challenges they are facing through an Integrated Farm Plan approach.

The project begins in May and the first steps will include getting a core group of 8-10 farmers on board as a pilot group who will be taken through the process and then assist the project staff with developing the work plan going forward.

Are you keen to get involved and get your Integrated Farm Plan started???

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