Jollies Brook updates

Jollies Brook spring

The Jollies Brook emerges as a spring in the middle of a lowland cropping paddock, before winding its way down to the coastline.

Through this project, the spring and its following 400 metres of waterway are being fenced out by the farmer, with Tinaku funding planting and three years of plant maintenance by Wai-Ora Group. Covering over 0.4 hectares, the site has 2200 native plants going in the ground.

Jollies Brook wetland

Less than 150 metres from the ocean, an old channel of the Jollies Brook creates a natural wetland. Although not connected to Jollies Brook, the wetland has sitting water in it for most of the year and is popular with birdlife. It has a large range of naturally occurring native wetland grasses.

The edges of the wetland have been planted with over 1000 native plants to increase biodiversity, and the farmer is fencing the area from stock.

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