Raywell Farm Stream

Until recently, a tributary of the Selwyn River, known as the Raywell Farm Stream, was one of the last remaining lowland habitats for the threatened (nationally critical) Canterbury mudfish.

In 2016, a significant drought dried up the waterway, killing the mudfish population.

Environment Canterbury has been working with the local landowner and EOS Ecology to recreate a safe and suitable mudfish habitat, with the aim of reintroducing Canterbury mudfish to the stream.

A solar powered pump has been installed at the head of the waterway, recharging the spring and providing a stable base water level, and earthworks are under way to shape suitable mudfish ponds.

Tinaku Project has partnered with ECAN, EOS Ecology and the landowner, to provide native restoration planting around the mudfish ponds.

A total of 1700 native plants are being installed at the site by Brailsfords ecological contractors, covering an area of 0.25 hectares and lining 150 metres of the stream on both sides.

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